Sustainable Jewellery: Principles and Processes for Creating an Ethical Brand

In jewellery, the new consumer trends are demanding products that are crafted, personal, and created with respect to the environment. This implies a sustainability strategy that takes into account the entire supply chain, from the extraction of metals to the packaging materials. Sustainable jewellery contains all the aspects that are necessary to know in order to start the path towards sustainability in the jewellery business, from the traceability of gems and metals, to the impact of the processes of purification, smelting, polishing, etc., and the ways to work with certified materials.

The book includes case studies and interviews with international designers and firms who started the challenge of creating jewellery from an ethical and responsible perspective. With an introduction written by the jeweller and activist Greg Valerio, this book is a unique and essential guide for all those designers who want to bring their jewellery firm to a way that is ethical and respectful of the environment.

The book is distributed and can be bought directly from the Publishers Promopress or in all good bookstores and online stores including, Casa del Libro, Fnac and Amazon.



Jose Luis Fettolini
Publisher: Promopress

Captions from the book

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